organising RSS feeds – can they show up according to most recently updated?

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    I noticed that my friends on have this very useful feature where their RSS feeds in their sidebar rotates constantly, so that the blog that has been the most recently updated moves to the top of the list (in fact, it even says underneath each feed when it was updated, eg. 5hrs ago, 2 days ago…etc) – this is really handy when you have a long list of blogs that you’re following and you don’t have to scroll down your whole list everytime, checking to see who has updated recently.

    I just wondered – can we do something similar with our RSS feeds here on (Am using the Albeo theme, although I don’t know if that matters). Would be really grateful to find a way to have feeds organised more conveniently for reading!

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you could run all the feeds through a feed aggregator resulting in ONE uber-feed, you could put that in a widget and it would behave that way.



    Oh thank you! Where do I find a feed aggregator?

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