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    You can read my request for help at:

    Apparently it is not possible to organize the blog in the way that makes intuitive sense to me, which is to have separate pages, with tabs or links, for separate categories; all posts to that category would be made on the category’s page.

    I don’t see the logic in having posts in all categories be organized by post date on some kind of home page, with a “continue reading” link to the category. What is logical for me, is a home page that has tabs at the top or links on the sidebar, for pages that contain all posts in a category. Either this isn’t a possible way to organize the blog or I have not figured out how to do it.




    In Options->Reading you can set your front page to a static page instead of showing your posts. In Presentation->Widgets you can add the Categories widget which will display links to your categories in the sidebar and allow you to click through to pages only showing posts for each category.

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