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Organizing Forum Post By Topic

  1. Hi Forum Moderators I like this forum (this is my first visit) and I am wondering if you are thinking about organizing the posts here a little differently. It would be nice if things were listed by topics or groups rather than by date. I might be missing some pointers because they are buried on page 14 or 562. Thanks for listening and I look forward to your response.

  2. Hello ileaneb, I do believe this is something that staff would have to change on their end it's a great idea and I encourage you to pass your idea on to staff by using this contact link

    P.s. I moved this thread into the Ideas forum.

  3. Things ARE arranged by topic: they're tagged. Just click on the tag in the tag cloud on the main forum page and you can find things by topic, or use the search.

  4. The problem is that few people tag their posts here in the forum, or tag them inaccurately. We would then need a forum tag SWAT team on call 24/7 to actually correct and tag posts.

    There were a couple volunteers that were trying to keep up with properly tagging posts here, but it is a thankless and never ending battle.

  5. I would ONLY tag other people's posts for money. But I would do it for money. Hey Matt!

  6. Thanks guys. What I was thinking might eliminate the tag issue. For instance t3ck moved this into the ideas forum. Great. I didn't even realize that there was a separate forum for ideas. I guess I missed it but when I went to the forum page it just looks like one huge 1,000+ page forum. If we could see clear cut sections up front then people would know to post in the Widgets forum or the Themes forum etc. Well thanks again for all of your replies and I will contact support like t3ck suggested (and some how send Matt a direct message about giving you guys a big fat bonus check!) Cheers!

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