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    Sorry that this is so lengthy: I want to be sure I describe my situation well so as to get best responses. Thanks in advance!

    I have a FREE template (Adelle), so no Custom options. I have set up The Menu Bar with several items, and I have set up related Categories.

    What I hope to do is to enter posts(blogs) that are pertinent to the various Menu items/categories, which I understand will appear on the main page’s area of day-to-day posted articles(blogs) with the most recent first/at the top, then scrolling down to oldest (or scrolling down til they bump to Archive).

    But I would *also like to categorize the posts so that if people had interest in only one area of my writings, they could go to the Menu of interest and read only the related articles thereunder.

    Further, I have a Category/Menu of posts that may be more adult in nature, and I would want those posts to be seen NOT on the main page “in the open,” but only by clicking-through to the “Relationships” Menu.

    How can I make these things happen?
    *Can I make these things happen?

    Example: Menu Item = “awsm Noms”
    I create a post about a recipe
    I want that post to appear
    (1) on the main page in reverse chrono order AND
    (2) under the “awsm Noms” Menu

    Similar Example: Menu item= “awsm Events”
    I create a post about a party idea
    I want that post to appear
    (1) on the main page in reverse chrono order AND
    (2) under the “awsm Events” Menu

    Different Example/Different Parameters:
    Menu item= “Relationships (18+)”
    I create a post discussing relationships
    I want that post to appear
    ONLY under the “Relationships 18+) Menu
    — I am thinking that perhaps the way to do this might be to create a “teaser” or “alert” post that would appear on the main page in reverse chrono just like regular posts, letting readers know to go to the Relationships Menu if they wish to read further, and somehow create the full article so as to be published Only by clicking-thru the Relationships Menu.

    Can this be done?
    If YES, then how?
    When I create a Post, i do not see an option to categorize it or associate it with a menu heading.

    Do I have to create *Pages instead of Posts, to be able to organize them as desired?

    I realize that perhaps I have a vision that is beyond the capabilities of a Free Template, and that I may have to modify what/how I proceed. Best to find out now as i am just getting started.

    Please explain like I’m an idiot, lol, because I am BRAND new to this and still a dumb n00b who is appreciative of your help! Again, many thanks in advance for your kind assistance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Let me try to clear up how things work with regard to menu and categories.

    When I create a Post, i do not see an option to categorize it or associate it with a menu heading.

    When creating a post, you get to choose what Category to put the post in, right? That’s essentially how you categorize a post.

    The header menu on the theme itself is basically a blank canvas. You can put many different things there. A link to a category page? Fine. A link to a Page? no problem. A link to another site? You bet. You can re-order them as you wish, you can include and exclude a particular category, whatever you want.

    This help page will help you create and modify the menu on your site:

    Now, it is not possible to make a post only show up on its category page, but not on the main page.

    An alternative is to use the “more tag”:

    Using it, your “Relationship +18” posts will still show up on the main page, but you can “cut off” the content so that visitors can’t read the content on the main page. They will have to click the “Continue Reading” text to see the entire text.



    Gosh, this is great! Thank you! I think I figured out the Categorizing so that an entry shows both in the Main-Page run of things AND under the relevant Menu —

    I wrote the post and published it, then I immediately went to Dashboard/All Posts, clicked EDIT for that post and then I was able to Categorize it. And voila, it now appears in both places.

    I will try out your suggestion for using the READ MORE option, next!




    You’re welcome, glad you have this figured out!



    I am having a problem — it appears that the READ MORE option (forcing readers to click-through to read remainder of Article) is NOT working!

    I wrote the intro text, then a “warning to not proceed if not 18+” and then I clicked the READ MORE icon.

    A grey – – – – – – – MORE – – – – – – – appeared

    Below this, I wrote the remainder of the Article.

    BUT when I Previewed and then Published (hoping that this would enact the Breakpoint), the entire Article shows!

    Can you please advise?



    The entire article shows up on the single post view here:

    But on the main page, the “Continue Reading” link show up correctly:

    Or perhaps I misunderstood your question?



    The function of the more tag is not evident and operation in preview mode. It does not become evident and operational until you publish the post.



    Okay, umm, i have no idea what i did, but it’s working now.




    oh, and of course, Thanks very much!

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