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organizing/displaying subcategories... HELP!

  1. I'm having an issue wherein the subcategories I assign beneath a category don't show up beneath it or when one clicks on the parent category. If I assign a subcategory to a post, the subcategory does show up but not in a way that visually connects it to its parent. I.e. The subcategory selected simply shows up at the bottom of all my other categories rather than beneath its parent. The documenation and support forum don't appear to show how to address this. I need to assign many more subs but will wait until I can sort this out. Thanks for your help....!!

  2. i believe that this is a theme-dependent feature, which means if you changed themes you will have your subcategories & categories displayed in the proper hiearchy. maybe you could try this method?

    this is the reply i gave you in the other thread you posted in.

  3. Thanks but I already tried that, read your suggesetion in the other post and nothing...
    Since I can't modify my template, I don't know what else to do. This seems like an absoluteely BASIC function in terms of building and managing posts. One would (apparently erroneously) assume that organizing subcategories would be a part of EVERY theme. Where now?

  4. I already tried that,

    what did you do?

    as for modifying, i think that's possible with a paid css upgrade but then you'll need to have knowledge in css to know what to do, of course...

  5. Some of the themes date back way before that was an option. Try the newer themes.

    Also, try the solution in this thread (I found it by doing a forum search for "categories"):

  6. I did as you said: manage > categories > edit. They are all properly assigned to the right parent but still fail to display in order. I'll see if I can check the date of my template. I thought it was newer. Thanks for your replies. :)

  7. After looking at my them, I see that none of them are assigned dates so, if I change themes, I'm not assured one that will correct my problem. Harummppphhh!

  8. i'm afraid you misunderstood me. i was suggesting that you change your theme. to do that, go to dashboard, select presentation. there will be a whole lot of themes you can choose, hopefully the one you select display categories properly.

    that's the reason we have so many themes. surely you can find one that meets your requirement...

  9. Did you try what Dr Mike suggested in that link I gave you? That sounds like it would work.

    And if it does not, you can try themes based on what you like the look of and with trial and error find one that works.

  10. Yes. I just tried a handful and on my sixth selection came up with one that resolves it but I don't like the theme so I'll keep working with it. Your instincts were right! Many thanks indeed.
    the new blogger on the block

  11. Engtech has done some theme reviews. Check out the search box on his site .

  12. thistimethisspace

    The theme you have chosen is called Blix. It has some funky hardcoded default attributes. You cannot change the alphabetical display of the categories and subcategories. You cannot change alphabetical display of links in the blogroll either. This has driven others close to the point of madness. Other themes do display sub-categories under parent categories as one would expect. I recommend changing themes.

  13. Hmmm... so far it's the only one that works (I have to have a custom header) Alpha order works for me. I have much to learn. Thanks for the education!

  14. There are many themes which allow for custom headers

  15. Among custom header themes, I must say I prefer Freshy. I just love the way it looks, and the only functionality weirdness is that numbered lists are not spaced out very well.

  16. Yes but I only found one or two of the custom header themes that resolved the category/subcategory problem. I tried nearly all of them and was AMAZED to find that most of them could not properly display the subs beneath their parent category!

  17. Given the weird category issues we've had today, I'm going to suggest giving up on it for now. It could well be that some of those would work fine but that whatever staff is doing behind the scenes tonight specifically is borking the themes. Try again in a couple of days, if they don't announce a solution before then.

    Mind you, I do not know for sure there is a connection, but it's very possible.

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