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    I absolutely love the Origami theme. Any chance we can get it installed here?




    Since it’s offically listed as a beta, probably not.

    You’re free to send in a Feedback and suggest it though.

    Thanks for including a link by the way.


    you should definately send in feedback, it’s a gorgeous theme.

    although i’m confused by making the section 508 (text size) links so low contrast that persons with eye problems can’t tell what they are.

    but yeah. being in beta didn’t stop fauna or hemingway.



    i like how the comment boxes are designed



    I like it. It’s plain and clean. Like sulz I like the comment box design. And I played with the personalize buttons on the top and got it to be the perfect size for my eyes to read without eyeglasses. I like the ability to move the sidebar from the left hand to right hand side.
    I’m not clear on where or how the page tabs would be displayed. But provided it was available and “widgetized” I’d start using it today.
    Oh two last little things are (1) although I don’t like the little dots placed before the items in the sidebar I could live with them, and (2) although I’m not a keener on the image in the upper right hand corner but could choose to ignore it.
    IMO it beats the backside off of the kubrik clones but then I’m a girl and it seems primarily men that are gaga over the K’s.

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