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    I’m trying to edit the CSS and when I go to CSS I can’t view the original style sheet for some reason. I have the upgrade. can you please check this out?

    The blog I need help with is practicebuildingfortherapists.com.



    Hi there!

    The Custom CSS screen will not show you the original CSS of the theme. If you’d like to see tho original theme CSS, you should look for it from the site source.

    For example, for your theme (ThemeMin) it’s located here: http://s2.wp.com/wp-content/themes/premium/thememin/style.css?m=1337717206g

    Also note, that when editing the Custom CSS, you can have it not load the original CSS of the theme by changing the Mode to “Replace” instead of “Add-on” in the Publish box of the CSS screen.

    Hope that helps!



    I have a few sites with different themes and when I go to the CSS page, it always says ‘view original css style sheet’ below the white box. Is this something new that is happening? The way the original css was laid out was easy to find what I need to change. The link you gave is very hard to know what is what.


    I have just noticed this on my CSS page too. Previously there was an option ‘View original style sheet’ but it is no longer there?
    This seems to have happened at the same time as a couple of small appearance changes to the feont page including the margin width on the navigation bar and footer areas, and de-centering of the menu items on the navigation bar.

    I am using the triton lite upgraded theme.

    Thank you


    Apologies: the blog I need help with is http://damienmolony.org/



    Please click this link https://en.forums.wordpress.com/?new=1 start your own thread, knowing that all CSS editing is theme specific and you are not using the same theme as the person who posted this thread.



    @damienmolony: The link to the original stylesheet is still there. You can see it if you click Edit next to “Mode: Add-on” in the Publish module of the CSS editor.



    Thanks justpi.

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