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    Where can I get a copy of the original css to use as a guide for changes. I saw this in a post from last year, but I can’t see anything on my black sidebar or main Custom page… “On the CSS edit page, there is a link to the original stylesheet and if you click that you can copy and paste that into a plain text file for reference.”

    The blog I need help with is whalewhatwhale.wordpress.com.


    You can go here, find the folder for the theme you are using, open that folder and then double click on the “style.css” file to open it in your browser. Copy everything out and paste it into a plain text file for reference and save to your computer. We are all hoping they will put the link to the stylesheet back in for us at some point.

    Also, unless you are going to basically completely redo all the CSS, do not paste the entire stylesheet into the CSS edit window. Put only the specific selectors and specific declarations you are adding or changing into the editor. At WordPress.com you are creating rules to override the original stylesheet rather than editing the existing.


    Sorry the blog I need help with is insearchofthedivine. I am a web designer mostly using css and html, so should be easy once I have the actual css file on hand. Linen Theme is not under the link you sent me.


    Ah, sorry, Linen is a premium theme.

    I used the Firebug add-on in Firefox (web developer tool) to find the original CSS file.



    Nice! Thanks for the tool tip :)


    You are welcome. I use Firebug a lot, and most modern browsers have then built into them. I know Chrome and Safari do, and you can add a web developer add-on in Internet Explorer (9 and 10 I think). It’s a free download through Microsoft.


    I am allergic to IE. Wish it had been strangled as a baby lol.


    Heh. As a web designer, I can sympathize with that. :)



    I really miss being able to use the old editor (I figured out how to get to it. Very frustrating that they changed it.) and I also liked being able to scan the theme’s original CSS.

    I do have TextWrangler. I downloaded the Tarski theme and opened the style.css file but it’s all running together and I cannot seem to get the syntax to read item by item like I have in the past.

    I realize this isn’t a TW forum but does anyone have ideas one how to get around this. I need to be able to scan the css for things I want to change.



    If you are on Mac, you might look into StyleMaster which is a dedicated CSS editor and it has a “format stylesheet” function in the edit menu and it will nearly perfectly reformat compressed CSS files to where you can see what is going on. It isn’t a free download, but it wasn’t too expensive as I remember.


    Actually I just noticed they have a Windows version as well.


    You should be able to find everything you need with any modern web browser’s built in browser tools. There’s really no need to look at the style.css file separately, and that’s not even all the CSS anyway. I personally really like Chrome’s web inspector, but the newest one built in to Firefox is also pretty nice. In Internet Explorer, you can go to Tools → Developer Tools to open a web inspector, but I think it’s a little harder to navigate.

    I know what you mean about wanting to scan the CSS. If you use something like Firefox’s built in “Style Editor,” you should be able to see the expanded, unminified version of the CSS.

    You really don’t need an extra link to look at the theme’s stylesheet, and that isn’t a comprehensive view of all the CSS that is being loaded anyway. Using browser tools is a better route—you should try them out!

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