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Originaly imported entheosww.blogspot now cant access

  1. originally imported entheosww.blogspot now can't access username and password on the 27th june, due to hard drive failure before i had chance to do a backup.
    Could you reconfirmed the above and let me know. I have recovered the audit file of work done on entheosww from 27th June 2012 at time 12:07
    27-06-12 10:10
    first file corrected on the bog was :
    27-06-12 11:32
    I worked throughout the day and one of the last files was:
    27-06-12 20:32
    I have the complete audit in .xls if required.
    Have reloaded into but i dont want to loose all this work if possible.
    Would appreciate your help

    Steve Rusling

    [email redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    Please be patient while waiting for a response from Staff as I have flagged this thread for their attention.

  3. Is the blog you're having trouble accessing?

    If so, you should have no trouble, as you logged in to post to the forums via the very same account that has access to the blog.

  4. savethephilippinecoralreefs

    I logged in on the first day as you can see from the records without incidence, I tried the following day and it would not let me in.

    I re imported from bloggster into and have no problems, but would like the original working.


  5. Do you have access to the ent[...] (at) email address on the account which owns ?

  6. savethephilippinecoralreefs

    Yes I do, Thats the same email that i also used to activate the entheoswww account which I have no problems with!

  7. The email address on the bernardtetlow account (which owns cannot be the same as the email address on the entheoswww account, as we only allow one account per email address.

    In reality, the two email addresses start the same, but are quite different.

    Since the email address on bernardtetlow is 33 characters long, I'll give you a bit extra: ent[...]are (at)

  8. savethephilippinecoralreefs

    Well it looks as though I have got [email redacted] and tomshakespeare and the original blogger account mixed up, so what happens now

  9. The email address you quoted above still isn't the same one that bernardtetlow was registered and activated (via email) with.

    It does include some resemblance to tomshakespeare though.

    The blog was activated via email, so you must have used a valid email address.

  10. savethephilippinecoralreefs

    Problem Solved
    Thank You

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