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    I hope this post does not get me thrown off of wordpress.com and it’s not a support question but I’ll enter it here it anyway. I love wordpress mu and can’t imagine going back to blogger. I wonder, though, if anyone has explored other sites that offer blogs utilizing wpmu? One fellow has been keeping a list of all the sites that now offer wpmu ( http://andwat.edublogs.org/) and as of last week there were over 50 blogging hosts using wpmu. I checked a few of them out and each host offers something a little different. One has well over 100 themes to choose from (megaweblog.com). At least one (blogsome.com) allows limited customazation of themes. The instructions on the sign up page at another site is written in such broken English that you can barely understand it. Most are so new there is no support forum, just the host or hosts answering feedback. WordPress.com seems to me to be the most stable and speedy of the bunch. New themes are being added weekly so surely one will appear eventually that appeals to users. I have been able to use this forum for answers to my many newbie questions.I’ve been very pleased with my blogging experience here. Have you tried other wpmu sites? Why have you decided to stay with wordpress.com?



    Nobody’s going to throw you off WP.com for promoting WPMU :-)



    I was looking a few weeks ago for a WPMU host for a Sims 2 blog that I couldn’t be bothered to set up myself. Rejected wordpress.com due to lack of variety in themes (it’s not that there aren’t enough themes, just that there’s not enough variety within them) and the hassle of logging in and out as different users; tried blogsome, found it so slow as to be unusable; eventually settled on blogswith.us, which although it has a couple of rough edges has a good selection of themes and plugins. They’re not overburdened with users and I don’t entirely trust them not to disappear overnight, but as there are no feed subscribers to that blog I plan to keep an RSS backup ;)



    I’m very happy with WP.com. (and I say that as a semi-professional webhoster) I use WPMU for my clients and really have had no issues except for themes that really don’t work or have issues. Its biggest plus is that it does categories and subcategories. A lot of blogging software out there don’t.

    Now if I just could get the categories to list in order on my blog, I’d be happy. That’s my biggest annoyance right now.




    Just in relation to “Wank”‘s comment above. Blogsome has moved to a distributed system so it is much faster than had been.

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