Other Bloggers linked my Article without permission

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    Whenever I post new articles the one of the other blogger’s (Blogspot) blog have the same article immediately displaying it. How can I restrict my feeds not to be accessed by blogs but Search engines?



    No-one can prevent another blog from linking to them. If they stole your actual content, however, there are lots of things one can do.
    You cannot restrict your blog to be accessed by search engines but not blogs. It can’t be done.

    If you do a search of the forum for “Splog” or “Blog Scraper” you’ll find many helpful threads on the subject. My best advice is to report them to Adsense as copyright thieves, but some people have had success just emailing and asking for their content to be removed.


    thanks for your reply…



    How can I restrict my feeds not to be accessed by blogs but Search engines?

    -> Options -> Reading
    Scroll down until you see this:

    Syndication Feeds
    Show the most recent: ____posts
    For each article, show:
    ____Full text

    If you choose “summary” then the blog scrapers will only get a short excerpt of your post, rather then the whole post. And if you choose to only set the feed for one post at a time they may not think your single summarized blog post is worth the bother.

    Note: If you use the <!–more–> feature, [icon 13 in the visual rich text editor] it will cut off posts in RSS feeds.



    P.S. This thread lays out the process you can undertake when your blog content is stolen https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=17307



    Regarding copyright: No doubt a bevy of bloggers will descend to tell you that you do not have to post a copyright notice. Copyright exists without notification every time anyone creates and original work. The following link twill take you to a blog post that contains 3 different types of copyright notices that you can register for and post on your blog What to do about copyright

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