Other pages appearing within hompage – How to remove ?

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    How can I remove other pages in my website for appearing within my homepage? I just want my home page to have to be a landing screen with an image and the menu bar across the top.

    This then pushes users through the website rather than being able to see my website content all on the landing page. For this kind of defeats the purpose of having the website for me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated , as I have been trying to work it out for some time now … Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is pickarchitecture.wordpress.com.



    Hi there!

    You can find the steps to follow for creating a landing page, in this detailed support guide:


    Please feel free to reach out if you get stuck at any step :)


    Doing this willl apply a whole new skin to the website why can the panels be removed from the home page?



    If I properly understand your intentions, you want to have a homepage and a menu that redirect you to the other pages and nothing else on your homepage. The Dara Theme when setted as a static front page (like its demo version, the one that you are using) includes a Featured Content area with a slider, Three Featured Pages and a Testimonial area. You can delete these features in the Customizer (accessible through My Sites > Themes > Customize).

    For the Featured Content slider go to Featured Content > Tags and write, for instance, a tag you’ll never use there.

    For the Three Featured Pages go to Theme Options and deselect the pages previously selected.

    For the Testimonials according to the theme guide:

    The Testimonial area, configured under Customize → Testimonials. This area displays two testimonials. To add a testimonial, go to My Site → Testimonials → Add. If no testimonials are added, this section will not be displayed.


    HI there This is what I am referring to I have followed you instruction but can see how to delete the panels ? Cant see a delete option ?



    thats the website I am refering to ?


    Are you also using the Dara theme for your private site as the instructions @stefbarz provided were for that theme.


    His instruction hasn’t worked as previously stated




    As @themagicrobot mentioned, the instruction I provided were relative to https://pickarchitecture.wordpress.com/ and the Dara Theme.

    Since https://pick-architecture.com/ is marked as private, we volunteers, are not able to have a look at it and so we can’t tell what kind of theme you have activated on your site and precisely what kind of issue you are talking about. Do you have the Dara theme on? And what exactly do you mean by panels? A screenshot also could help us understand better you issue. You can take a screenshot using https://cloudup.com/ or https://snag.gy/ and then share and link to it here.

    Alternatively, you can contact a Staff Member by typing modlook into the sidebar tags on this thread. How do I get a Moderator/Staff reply for my question?

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