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    I’m using Twenty Eleven theme and I’ve been trying to make my post appearance more varied by using the other post formats outside the standard one but I really don’t know how to make them looks exactly like the post format should be. For example, I’m trying to post contents with Video, Quote, Link and Status format. I’ve click the post format button but, after the preview, they all just looks like a standard post. And on my home page, those post also did not stand out as much as I expected. and the Ephemera Eleven didn’t show the links to that post either. Am I miss something or is it really that the way they look?
    Here’s the example of my video post http://brainfolder.wordpress.com/2012/12/26/favorite-lists-asian-kung-fu-generation/ (I thougt the video would appear like a featured images on the home page, but it didn’t)
    This one is my quote format http://brainfolder.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/call-of-duty-war-quotes/ (I thought, one of the quote would represent the post in the home page but it didn’t) and as I said before, the other format just looks like a standard one.
    Please, I really need anyone helps right now!
    and this is my blog http://brainfolder.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is brainfolder.wordpress.com.



    First, the differences are usually seen when you view dynamic pages (the main posts page or an archive page), not when you view a single complete post. Second, the differences vary from theme to theme (from subtle to gross).

    On 2011, dynamic pages:
    Gallery format: one thumbnail instead of complete set of images.
    Image and video formats: designed for posts whose content is (or at least starts with) one image or one video; date and author byline drop below the content, show up along with cats and tags in a grey frame.
    Quote format: blockquotes in the content become more prominent (large font size etc).
    Aside and link formats: no post title.
    Status format: no post title, author gravatar added.



    The problem is, even on the dynamic view, Video, link, status, and image post format, instead of having those designs you mention above, they just have a standard view. Only my gallery that shows thumbnail.
    I’ve tried different theme, but I just end up with same problem.
    Thanks for your response by the way.



    You’re welcome.
    But you’re not right.
    Check the post “Call Of Duty War Quotes” at the bottom of this page:
    If it was a standard format post, the quotations would be smaller.
    Check the post “Favorite Lists: Asian Kung-Fu Generation” on this page:
    If it was a standard format post, the datestamp would be between the title and the video, and the post metadata below the post wouldn’t be enclosed in a grey bg.



    I guess you’re right! It’s just I thougt for the video format in the dynamic page, the video would appear alone to represent the post like what I usually saw on some blog. But it’s probably because my blog isn’t a self-hosted one!

    Once again, thank you!



    You can use the read-more tag to remove the rest of the content from the dynamic page:



    That’s explain anything! Thank you very much Justpi! You help me a lot!

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