"Other" search terms – Clarification?

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    I have come across links that indicate some search terms are not available in the stats page due to privacy rights, such as encrypted google searches that are becoming more common. My understanding, though, is that these private searches are classified under “unknown search terms” so I am wondering what falls under the heading of “other search terms.” If they are not private, then why aren’t the terms themselves displayed on my stats? Perhaps they are searches from engines that wordpress doesn’t have some sort of agreement with?

    Thanks for your help in clarifying this – I currently have four references from engines under “unknown terms” and four under “other” but no terms themselves are displayed today.

    The blog I need help with is thefisherlawoffice.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,
    Does this answer your question?



    No, but thanks. That restates what I said about the unknown terms but mentions nothing of the mysterious “other” category.



    Perhaps Staff can enlighten us on this. I have flagged this thread for a Staff response.



    Hi @rfisher73,

    You are correct that “Unknown search terms” are ones where the search engine is encrypting the terms so we can’t display them (I think Google is still the only one doing this).

    The “Other search terms” just indicates that there are more search terms we have that there was not space to display on the current page. On your main stats page we only show the 9 most common terms. Clicking from there on “Other search terms” will bring you to a summary listing of the top 500 terms. To ensure the summary pages load quickly we don’t have a way to display more than 500 terms. So if you have more than 500 you will see “Other search terms” on the summary page as well with no link to expand it.


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