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    Hello WP team….Latelly I have being very frustrated with VODPOD thing….I have to agree that is the only tool that works in wordpress when you collect videos from various sites.

    The question is, will WP supports another widget from “I don’t know which” to be honest video collector to be able to paste the videos in WP.com….?

    I have to say that their support is also a crappy one as I have not received a answer to my questions….so, can pleeeease WP think of something out to be able to “collect” videos and post them into WP….? Also, I just found out that for example, I started with VODPOD since 2008, we used to have the vodspot for free, I have accidentally deleted, and now I found out that is paid… :(

    The blog I need help with is crfreeridedownhill.com.



    WordPress.COM will not support widgets that contain these codes > http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/
    As far as I know vodpod does work on WordPress.com blogs > http://en.support.wordpress.com/videos/vodpod/

    R=There are also other means of posting videos on WordPress.com blogs depending on where they are derived from. http://en.support.wordpress.com/?s=videos


    timethief…I’m not saying that they are not working on WP…problem is that if you have an issue with VODPOD you get stuck for their lack of support, so I was wondering if WP is being thinking of another way to post videos…

    I know also about the other video formats WP allows, but it limits to those…if I have a video posted somewhere else besides them and I have an issue with VODPOD then I doomed…

    The intention on my post was to think on a different way to be able to post videos, and by posting videos I mean the ones from friends, because as for me, I used VIMEO to post them, but if a friend uses ZAPIKS or MPORA or FREECASTER then I can’t post them to show them up….



    Okay now I understand you.

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