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Other-than-WordPress blogs on WordPress

  1. One of the Freshly Pressed posts today is a great piece about how the author's Dad could beat up movie Dads. The thing is, the blog doesn't appear to be a WordPress blog. How does that end up even on WordPress, let alone FP?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I located the post in question. It's on a free blog that is being free hosted by

  3. Thanks! Um....sorry to be dense, but what does that mean?

  4. They have the same host as you do.

    That blog is using domain mapping to a custom domain they own.

  5. This is the blog post >

    I located the blog in question and verified that.
    (1) When logged in to there is a gray navigation at the top of the blog indicating it is hosted by;

    (2) When examining the footer of the theme on the blog we find this: "Blog at· Theme: Pilcrow by Automattic Fonts on this blog"
    This also indicates the blog is hosted by

  6. Learn something new everyday - thanks for your help!

  7. You're welcome. :)

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