(other user) blogs at cubs'n'coffee (my blog) – why does it say that?

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    Hi, I’m new to WP and blogging, but one thing is bugging me. Looking at the notification emails, I’m happy to get the info on who liked my posts and who’s following.
    Why though, with one individual, does it say under his name that he blogs at my blog???????? It links to my blog too.

    Not impressed by that. How’s that working? Everybody else so far has their own blog in their info.

    help please?



    What is the username? Have you looked at the Dashboard to see who is listed on the Users page?


    Only I am listed on the Users Page in my blog’s admin panel.

    This was on the email:

    fatspecialist blogs at




    Looks like a spammer to me. If he’s put your blog down as his when signing in to leave a comment, it might generate that? I’m guessing here. It’s weird. I’ll see if the other volunteers know what’s up.


    Thanks a mill! :)



    Sounds like this is a bug in the email. That particular user is not associated with your blog, or has it listed on their Gravatar profile.

    I will let the developers know about this.


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