Other users plagiarizing my content

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    How do I deal with people on WordPress plagiarizing my content? I love getting reblogged, but I feel like it’s different to post something without any attribution to the author, as if the blog’s operator wrote my entry themselves! I’ve found two WordPress-based sites that have done this, and I’ve commented on each post asking them to please put my name on my stuff. One of them has fixed it, but what can I do if this happens again, or if they ignore me? They’ve had my content up as their own for weeks.
    Here’s the one that’s still running my content unattributed:
    And here’s the original post:

    The blog I need help with is johnallengay.wordpress.com.



    When logged in – at the top of the screen you will see the gray bar with “Blog Info” click on that and select “Report as Spam” and report the site / Post as duplicate content of your site – WordPress.COM takes content theft and duplicate content stuff very very seriously.

    There are some other things that can be done but I have misplaced the link for now – but the above is easy to start with.



    Those should work. If not, the next steps are at http://stolen.wordpress.com

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