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others gaining access to images?

  1. If I don't log out for a day, say, can other people access my blog? I had a weird thing happen twice--it seems as if someone got into my images. Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Marcy: your blog is public (and hence well-named). Anyone can see it, including the images. It doesn't matter if you're logged on at the time.
    That's how the web works. It's not specific to WordPress, or to your blog.

  3. /waving to Andrew :)

    Are you the only one using your computer? Or is the computer your use shared with others?

  4. Only one on my computer. But this is the first time this ever happened in 4 years of blogging. My stats show people clicking to get to a picture that's used in one of my posts; not the post, just the picture. It has me baffled.

  5. What exactly do you mean by "got into"? We can see the images in your posts and they can be found by doing a Google image search.

  6. What I mean is, under 'stats' where they show the names of what's been most viewed, I've always gotten the titles of my posts. Now, twice, instead of post titles I got the name of images. When I clicked on them, I was taken to a page with all the images from that post, but not the post itself. Isn't that strange?

  7. Sounds like someone has hotlinked your picture, posted it to Tumblr, recommended it to Digg or something like that. Just the picture or gallery, not the post. Since we don't pay for bandwidth here it's not going to cost you anything or hurt you. If it bothers you, you can just delete those images from the media library (which will also delete them from your post) and then change the filenames (v important) and re-upload them.

  8. Exactly!

  9. As long as people arent trolling around in places they can change things on my blog, I don't mind. So it's okay, they can't change anything, right?

  10. No they can't "hurt" anything because they cannot access your Admin area of your blog.

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