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    A commenter on my post has a user name where there are words missing and the name is broken up which is not mormal.

    When i clicked this name it took me to MY dashboard.

    It is the second from bottom on this post.

    Also the avators etc on posts are not working.

    The blog I need help with is dribblingpensioner.wordpress.com.



    Do you mean “Jour eyi topoetry”?

    If so, they left their URL as http://wordpress.com/


    Yes thats the one.

    Why does it go to my dashboard when i click it.

    And if you look above at another coment there already is a long standing site with the name ” journey into poetry ”



    Because that’s the URL they entered, and http://wordpress.com/ goes to your Dashboard when you’re logged in.

    As for the name, I think they just mistyped it.


    So if i undersatnd you, their username, when its clicked i go to my dashboard, can someone else go the the dashboard, and why is this the first time i have seen this in over four years.



    Nobody but you can go to your dashboard. You can test this by signing out and then trying it.



    Because they entered their comment as a “Guest,” they weren’t logged in to WordPress.com when they left it.

    For their name, they entered “Jour eyi topoetry”

    and for their URL, they entered http://wordpress.com/

    As you may notice from clicking http://wordpress.com/ , http://wordpress.com/ goes to your Dashboard when you are logged in, just like it goes to their Dashboard when they are logged in.

    This is just someone who entered the wrong info, nothing more.


    Thank you macmanx and raincoaster.



    You’re welcome!

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