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Oulipo background image doesn't scroll

  1. Dear support team,

    I have made a wordpress blog for a feature film and found a wonderfull option in the Oulipo theme to make the background image scroll. Unfortunatly, it doesnt seem to work and the image is fixed making some of the text unreadable. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks!

    Blog url:

  2. Appearance > Background
    scroll to Display Options
    select form these 2 choices:
    - Scroll
    - Fixed
    click "save changes"

  3. Hey timethief,

    Thanks for your super quick response!
    Should have mentioned that I did that.. Also I tried re-uploading the photo and putting all the settings again like you describe, but to no avail.
    I also cleared the cache/cookies in my browser etc.
    many thanks again,


  4. I've flagged this thread for Staff attention.

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