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    Hello, I recently found OULIPO theme and love it, except some minor things I’m polishing through css upgrade, which I know how to use quite well.


    1. why is the calendar widget not working? I mean, i can’t go back to september and then to october, it just jumps to that second sidebar so calendar becomes useless… is there a way I can change it via css modelling so to make it work like in all wordpress blogs?

    2. is there a way to change the image that appears when there’s an error and the info is not found? I find the image of the duck sooo tacky that I don’t like the idea of anyone seeing it. (of course, tacky for me, it’s a matter of taste)… then, can I change the image? Or could I erase it at least?
    check here: http://lanotablava.wordpress.com/sd

    3. why can’t I see the background image?


    The blog I need help with is lanotablava.wordpress.com.



    yes, i forgot, quite obvious though.
    My blog is: http://lanotablava.wordpress.com/



    Hi Anna.

    1) The calendar appears to work like that. It only displays the current month and if you click on the previous or next month, it just takes you to the archives for that month. You can’t change it through CSS because it would be on the theme’s back end. I haven’t tried it on other themes though.

    2) The “404 file not found” message is theme-dependent. You’ll have to either live with it or choose another theme if it really bothers you. Here’s the list of messages for each theme:

    3) When you go to Appearance > Themes > Background, do you see your custom background in the preview box? If not, you probably didn’t upload it properly so you should try again.


    The calendar works the same in all themes. The quirk in Oulipo is that category or monthly archive pages display a “Where am I” notice instead of the normal sidebar content, so you just don’t get to see the calendar again (or any other widget) once you’ve clicked on it. You can skip to another month by changing the date in the address bar of the browser and pressing return.

    If navigating by month is important to you, you can create a new page and type this in it:
    [archives type=monthly]

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