Oulipo cropping problem on Safari

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    I am having problems with The Oulipo cropping in Safari. On firefox, the images are sized and fitting nicely within the blog width, but every time i load it on Safari, the right edge is cut off (including the search bar) I am fitting them automatically when I load the post (or page) so it is not that I am posting them too large from the dashboard. It seems to be a browser/CSS conflict.

    This is an on again – off again problem, but I am new to wordpress and this sort of thing in general. Anybody having similar problems with Oulipo in Safari or am I just an idiot somehow ;-)

    Appreciate any help I can get, as none of the other themes works so well for what I would like to do.


    The blog I need help with is leonardsavage.com.


    I’m seeing no problem in Safari 5. Make sure that your browser zoom level is set at “actual size” in the view menu. That is about the only thing I can think of.


    thanks for getting back. my zoom levels are fine, and the cropping issue stays whether I zoom in or out. but are you saying that you are able to see my blog correctly on your safari? In that case, maybe my problem is on my preferences…

    Hmmm they mystery continues.


    Yes, I see your blog just fine with no cropping of the images in Safari and I can’t think of any setting in preferences that would do that.

    Definitely a mystery.


    You know what, try doing a full reset (from the Safari menu) and see what happens for you.

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