Oulipo – H2, H3 underlined differently in Firefox/Chrome vs IE

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    Hi all,

    Just started using the Oulipo theme and noticed that H2 and H3 formatted text displays quite different depending on the browser you’re in. In Chrome 5.0.375 and Firefox 3.6.8, the underline is subtle and I think it looks fine.

    However in IE8.0.76 the underlines are very bright and distracting.

    Test post here to illustrate:

    I guess my question is whether or not this is intentional or if its something that’ll end up on a to-fix list sometime…

    I’ve also noticed that the stickied post background in Firefox & Chrome is semi-transparent, while the IE version is solid.

    Thanks in advance and also for the hard work to bring this to us!

    The blog I need help with is londonfiles.wordpress.com.



    This will be to do with the transparency settings: only gecko and webkit based browsers support rgba colour declarations. As a rule, not all browsers work the same so your page will look subtly (or not so subtly for IE) different in each browser. This is unavoidable I’m afraid. The only way it will change is when IE adds support for this feature.


    So, “Looks best in Firefox / Chrome” ?



    More of a “looks worst in IE/Opera” situation I’m afraid. I don’t consider it particularly wise to include a line stating such on your website though, the theme designer will know that not all browsers fully support the ideal look and have factored that into the design.


    No, I wouldn’t do that, ‘specially since its easy enough to switch in and out of themes as I juggle looks and feel. Thanks Halluke, appreciate the time & effort :)

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