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    First, I’d like to say sorry if this topic has been questioned before. I try to put my problem under the topic “if-you-could-change-one-thing-about-your-theme”, but commenting on that post is already closed.

    Anyway, I like Oulipo very much, but can I suggest a change?

    First and my main issue about this blog is how Oulipo’s left bar doesn’t allow me to add menu (either it is page or category) buttons more than 4 to 5 rows. If I add more than that, since Oulipo left bar doesn’t scroll, I can’t access my button at row 6, 7, and so on. In this case, I have to be “creative” by inserting others as sub menus.

    I hope the blog title could be moved to the header area (top left), or please move it higher, at least at the same height with the post title, so it would give me and other Oulipo’s users more space for adding menus at the left bar.

    Thanks before.

    The blog I need help with is acrossdhitzuniverse.wordpress.com.


    Oh, I forget to mention my second issue. ^^
    It is about the post’s font size. I think it should be larger, approx. 1,5 times from the default. If I format the font size to heading, I think it won’t work, because Oulipo heading font format has a line below the words.




    Staff will reply to this thread as they do monitor this forum. But I thought you might not know the that here at wordpress.com we are all on a multi-user blogging platform. That amounts to all blogs wearing the same theme using the same underlying template. The edits you are asking for would affect each and every blog wearing the same theme ie. Oulipo and some bloggers using that theme may not appreciate the changes you suggest.

    On the other hand, you can accomplish what you want on your own blog by purchasing a CSS upgrade and editing the CSS stylesheet. http://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-css/


    Hi, timethief. Thanks for your reply. Maybe adding an option will do? So, it is up to each user to change the layout or not.
    Anyway, thanks again for your suggestion.

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