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    I am now the admin of a previouly created blog, I cannot seem to find where to go to correct a typo I found on the left column (of the main page). This left column contains the blog name in yellow (and the menus below it). here a view of the template we are using, I want to change the text right below the “Oulipo Demo” where it says ” just another wordpress.com site” (of course in my site it says something else):


    Where do I go to update that?
    Blog url: http://maratonafotomix.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is maratonafotomix.wordpress.com.



    Settings > General: tagline.


    Hi! Thanks for the reply.

    When I look into settings I see:

    Account (username,Email Address,Web Address,Interface Language)
    Public Profile (First Name,Last Name,Public Display Name,About You)
    My Apps

    None of these places where the info with the typo is…

    Any ideas?




    Where are you seeing these? I’m talking about Settings on the dashboard of the blog:


    I was clicking on a icon on the top left side of the screen (the “W”).
    Obviously the wrong place , as you can see I am a newbie :o) but eager to learn and thankful for your help!
    Thank you!!!



    You’re welcome.
    You realize that under “W” you can find the account settings, not the blog settings (they’re separate, as you can have several blogs under the same account).


    Yes, now I could see the difference and you explain very well!
    Thank you sooo much justpi! For this and also because just now I was searching the forum for help with another theme (Suburbia) and your reply was the one that helped me too! (about featured images, as I am creating another blog…aside from that Oulipo one that I am co-admin, this other one is a private project).

    Thanks again! Greatly appreciated!


    err… just realized I replied with my private project user …but I am maratonafotomix :D

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