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Oulipo Theme and GetSocial Live Bookmark Bar

  1. Hi

    I've been searching for a new theme and Oulipo is very clean and professional looking. I like it. I previewed it and was disappointed to see the bookmark bar on a verticle instead of being laid out horizontally. Is there a fix for this? I use GetSocial live in my posts. And that is deal breaker for me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see it horizontally on your blog. As long as it's after the Read More, it should be fine. And you can always use one of hte mini versions instead of the full-sized ones.

  3. You see the bookmark bar horizontally on my blog? I still see it vertically and to the left using the 'mini design. As well the images of the bloggers who 'like' this post are centered and vertical as well. Is this the default design of the theme? Maybe I'm missing something of course it's after the 'read more' but maybe I'm just plain stupid.

  4. I don't know if it is a theme thing or just your blog but images in your post are set to display:block; in the CSS which will make the getsocial ones stack vertically. Perhaps ask staff to look into this as the fix in the CSS is one line of code:

    p.getsocial img {display:inline;}

  5. Ah, you switched themes! Now I see them vertically.

  6. HI Joer,

    I also recommend contacting the Get Social Author and see if there is something in their code that may be causing this issue as well

    Until there's a fix you could use this Social Share Bar which IMHO is cleaner looking and a little easier to add to your posts → Tutorial videos for Firefox & IE 7&8

    Here is their support doc for → Share button for

  7. This theme is frustrating. The 'like' this post feature shows the bloggers gravatar centered and on a vertical. I looked at the blog of creator of the theme and his 'like' feature is on a horizontal. I use my live signature and this has been centered. I've tried every option at getsocial. The only one that works is the text option. However when I paste the getsocial code into the HTML editor and then switch to the visual editor it looks fine justified left and my live sig. is also justified left, but after updating and looking at my blog everything is centered and the bookmark bar vertical left.

  8. @ Joer, The other day you asked what theme I am currently using and I accidentally told you Oulipo,

    I just realized I am using Coraline I apologize for the mix up I do believe Get Social works fine with the coraline theme though

  9. Wow so many suggests! thanks so much!

    Sorry about the confusion
    I'm not sure what you mean but will look into that. I can see the CSS for the theme and changes can be made there, of course I wouldn't touch it. And I don't have the upgrade.
    I see nothing in the Get Social code related to CSS.
    I'll also check out your suggests.

    I think hallluke is on to something here!

  10. @slik

    No problem. I like the Oulipo and would like to get it worked out. The theme is so clean I really like it, just need to learn how to fine tune it!

  11. @Everyone

    Magically everything is working now .....spectacular!

    Thanks ....

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