Oulipo Theme – New font for heading and titles (please back to old ones)

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    Today I woke up and notice that Oulipo theme has automatically changed the font for titles and heading, keeping the old one for the text parts.

    Please, restore the old style, beacuse this new combination of fonts is horrible :-( Or allow the free customization of fonts.

    Otherwise, I’m going to change theme

    Look forward for the reply


    The blog I need help with is snacksofmarketing.wordpress.com.


    a) I’m not seeing any change in Oulipo in my tests blog.
    b) The blog linked to your username is using iNove. Link to the blog in question please.


    Ok sorry, this is the blog

    Actually, it seems to be something that happens only with Firefox. This is what I see

    What do you think?


    I’m seeing the same (correct) font in my Safari and Firefox, so I think you should clear your browser’s cache and cookies, then check its font preferences.



    I’m seeing the same correct font on both my test blog and on yours using Firefox 8, so I agree with panaghiotisadam. Please try clearing your browser cache and cookies. If your browser version is outdated you can upgrade it here.

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