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Our blog is down

  1. Our blog inexplicably went down- even via the WP link at It's definitely an issue on the WordPress end. I can't seem to find a helpful support article on what to do or who to contact... anyone have any solutions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like you are Domain Mapping to - is the domain Mapping upgrade current? Have you renewed it?

    The contact staff is at:

  3. Thx.

    The mapping is current and paid, but the subdomain doesn't work either.

  4. Then you will need to contact the staff at the link above as the forum volunteers don't have access to the back end of your site - just type anything in the search box - click search and click the radio button that says "no I did not find the answer" - you might need to page down as the contact form opens at the bottom of the page.

  5. PS - I have also flagged this for Staff attention as they do monitor the Forum.

  6. There's no CNAME record listed for your subdomain.

    Please make sure that you have it set correctly at your registrar following this guide:

  7. Thanks again, auxclass.

    I'll double check our CNAME record. But an improper CNAME record couldn't account for the dot wordpress to stop working, right?

  8. Can you log in to your admin page?

  9. Thanks again for all the advice.

    For whatever reason, our wordpress domain mapping service stopped working, which temporarily prevented our dot wordpress from working as well- as it was set as our primary domain.

    We're up and running, however temporarily without our subdomain. :(

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