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    Is it possible to have my blog (English) automatically translated into other languages on the net so that people (who may not know many, or any English words), in other countries will find them through the (translated) tags?
    Not sure how Wrinkly Writers translates (probably a bit of a laugh) but it sure would give me tremendous pleasure to know I am being read all over the world. (What every author dreams of!)

    (Sorry, I initially placed this question in the wrong place. I’m not used to forums on wordpress)

    The blog I need help with is gladyshobson.wordpress.com.



    I use a Google toolbar and it has translation built into it. Whenever I click into a site that’s not in English I click the button and the text is translated into English for me. Another wordpress.com blogger brought this free translation widget he has in his blog to my attention

    Go to appliedlanguage.com and pick up a code to paste into your sidebar http://www.appliedlanguage.com/trans/free_quick.aspx

    IMPORTANT TIP: You will find the link on their page at the bottom of the center column as a free service. It reads as follows:
    Free Translation on your website
    If your visitors could translate copy directly while on your website, they would stay longer. To add this great link bait all you need is our code.
    Add your FREE Text Translation now
    N.B. You can get as many languages as you want.

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