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  1. camerastyloonline

    issues (posts) of our magazine ( is not present in our tags. we structure the menus displayed on top of the page with tags. and now this message sorry, we do not have articles here with that tag. you may want to try one of the sites below. too severe for the reliability of our magazine is considered one of the best greek cultural magazines.please for restoring the faster the problem and we would rather an information why this happened.with sincere appreciation and wishes for a happy new year.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When posting a question in the forum, you'll get faster results if you follow the instructions in this thread:

    and also please refrain from using ALL CAPS. It's considered extremely aggressive and impolite.

    We need a specific URL of a recent post that should still be on the front page of the tag page. Also, we need to know how old your blog is.

  3. For starters we need the URL of the blog in question at beginning with http before anyone can even think about giving you accurate help.

  4. They mention this blog, in the first sentence, but it was not a clickable link.

  5. I know. I'm lazy: I'd rather train them and wait.

  6. Also, since I don't think any of us speak or read Greek, this might be something that you would want to post on the greek forum: .

    In addition to what has been asked for above, we would need to know what tags or categories you are having the problem with.

  7. camerastyloonline

  8. I'm afraid that since I can't read your language, and since I am so unfamiliar with the characters that I'm having a real difficult time trying to help you.

    At this tag, , your post is the featured post, right at the very top of the first page.

    Give the Greek forum a try and see if they can't be of more assistance.

  9. camerastyloonline



  10. Please don't write in all caps. Not only is it hard to read, it is considered shouting.

    I've tagged this thread for staff attention and hopefully they will respond. Not being familiar with your language, it is just very difficult for me to check things out. I'm just a volunteer with no access to the back end.

  11. camerastyloonline

    I understand and I thank you very match. Sorry but, I speak english a little.

  12. Is this a new issue? I see you have posts going back to 2008. Was it always this way, or has something changed recently? It might be related to some similar-sounding RSS issues that other people have reported.

  13. camerastyloonline

    This is a new issue. Normal operation of the tags. problem was created long ago but had resolved. A few days ago everything was ok.

  14. camerastyloonline

    I guess it was not answer from the wordpress. Therefore to 3 january 2011 there will be no solution. Nice new year without tags and other disasters. I hope to solve the problem at least on 3 January 2011. What nice things about an online magazine!

  15. Well, at least traffic is appallingly low at this time anyway.

  16. @camerastyloonline
    If you have published a new post and it isn’t showing up in the global tag listings for the tag and categories that you’ve used, there are several possible explanations: >

  17. camerastyloonline

    in such a serious cultural magazine like camerastylo online is at least unfair to "punish" so many days on issues, where there was information, even if we had not done something right, to correct it. The excellent services offered by camerastyloonline with selfless devotion to his readers and the excellent services offered by wordpress το all members of the community have no benefit, in any way, from similar behavior. Our magazine issued by our effort, countless hours of work and love for the cultural object, certainly has no intention to mislead anyone.The absence of tags not only "punish" our magazine and thousands of readers but indirectly the wordpress and potential new members.If we made a mistake somewhere ready to make up but good and constructive cooperation can not rely on penalties.A timely communication could solve every potential problem before creation.

  18. Look, I know you mean well and are proud of the work you do but NONE of that is relevant, either to us or to the staff.

    What you have is a technical problem. The staff have been alerted to the problem and will solve it as soon as they are able.

  19. camerastyloonline

    Thank you, very much!

  20. It sounds like this is going to require some in-depth digging.

    Would you please contact us directly via when we officially re-open on Monday?

  21. @rain & Rich & TT: They've got duplicate cats and tags, they've got paragraph-long URLs and post titles, and their post titles often even include phone numbers and addresses. Your opinion?

  22. My opinion is that if that's one of the most popular blogs in that country, it must be a very desperate country.

    Lot of drama going around lately, have you noticed?

  23. @Panos, all the stuff you mention can mess up a lot of things and paragraph-long URLs and duplicate tags and categories are a sure way to get search engines to look the other way.

  24. My opinion is that if that's one of the most popular blogs in that country,

    From the news I have heard recently it is. It's one of the few countries that the UK and USA can look at and say that they were well prepared for the recession in comparison.

  25. @Rich: Thanks! I've been trying to help them in the Greek forum but so far I haven't been able to convince them...

    @rain: It's a hopeless country alright (I should know, I live in it)! But no, it's not one of the most popular blogs. As for drama, you bet! Reply after reply they keep telling me how important their work is and how grave and upsetting the situation and how they've lost their sleep and their vacations over this...

    You'll love their tagline too: 24px font size, translates as "worth having the fastest possible connection if only for this [site]".

  26. Well, that's absolutely incontrovertible.

  27. camerastyloonline

    I do not understand what position are the ironies in this matter. I do not know how you measure the popularity of the blog, but we arrived recently 87000 views.substantive and i wonder if you looked real the blog that is the most popular greek cultural magazine in the wp and a popular culture magazine in Greece. 
    For many people the better. What bothers you in this and mocks; 

    And something that you probably missed. Our magazine has a true cultural web TV, where every day presents a cultural event. About 400 videos so far.You know a lot of magazines in the world to do so? original video of our production

    Get a taste

    when you do not know something good is not mocked, we are proud of our services, we do not feel desperate any more thing there is no intention for drama but the problem persists, there has been no solution and instead mocks it would help us to solve the problem.

  28. Alexa Traffic Ranks: 611,881 worldwide / 4,583 in Greece. (a mildly popular Greek blog): 164,429 / 1,895. (a really popular Greek magazine): 63,879 / 307. (a really popular Greek blog): 25,438 / 167

  29. camerastyloonline

    We dont know how Alexa counts ( we do not think that is most appropriate to do so, although the estimates are of interest, and which are praise indeed for our magazine, if you do bother to read the whole) and I dont  interested for the typicals .
    In short, we have 2000 to 3000 views a day. .We arent  
    talking about magazines in general, but for cultural magazines for all the arts.cinema, theater, music, art, opera, ballet, dance, comics, photography etc. And we repeat my magazine is one the few journals in the world and unique in Greece with every day television about cultural events, something truly innovative.
    Excluding cultural news, we provide articles on the aesthetics of art, reviews and interviews with camera and the situation is now to so well organized and worthwhile magazine, undermine our vision for the culture, but also the vision of  wp.

    We addressed to you because we have a problem and which you were unable to help effectively and has not been solved yet. Because the wp was closed for the holidays. let's stay here. 
    And it would be good to you approach things less superficial. Deep and substantial.

  30. 1. Having duplicate tags and categories can get you booted out of the global tags pages.

    2. Having more than a combined total of 10 tags and categories on a post (tags + categories more than 10) can get you booted out of the global tags pages.

    3. Very long post and page titles and URLs is really BAD SEO practice.

    4. If you don't follow good web practices and good SEO practices, the web and search engines, and the global tags pages WILL punish you.

    It really IS that simple. You need to hire a good web designer that is familiar with SEO practices and then pay attention to what they say. Otherwise you are going to continue to have problems.

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