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our uniformed selves

  1. deliberately we tend to shun our shared values of humanity to the creeping walla of animosity and unfriendliness.....what a contrast...isn't it..
    i bet you it is...until we learn to know that our bodies,minds and personalities are a unifying sense of strength and not loss..then we are on the right may agree ...or..not..but its takes some time

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They need you in Palestine

  3. tks a lot....

  4. i guess your also needed too...gentledove...

  5. Nazis and commies wear uniforms, and so do nurses, work that one out then. :)

  6. you know as much as i must have guessed....Kudos...gentledove

  7. don't people wear uniforms to show collective thoughts and shared values?

  8. We're a visual species. Uniforms are codes that let our brains process how to categorize a person quickly.

    We have our nature guides all dress the same so that they can be identified by visitors quickly--but believe me, it doesn't reflect any uniformity between them!

  9. We sure are all different [bugs yuk] :o hopes you are well :)

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