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Out clicks

  1. Anyone know of a way to know what links (to other sites) which you've added to your blog have been clicked on? Sitemeter seems like it should do it, but nothing shows up when I click on that category (and find my test out-click), so I'm guessing it only works with the Java script version.

    Anyone have an alternative?

  2. I use sitemeters on my blogs and consult the "exit pages". By clicking on the number of any "exit page" entry I can obtain information as to where the reader is situated. Perhaps you will find this sufficient.

  3. No, I want to know what they clicked on to leave (not where they were). Specifically, I post a whole bunch of links in one post on Fridays, and I want to know which were clicked on (and how many times). No sense in me posting stuff that none of my readers are interested in.

    It appears that info isn't in the stats nor in the HTML version of sitemeter, so I guess I'm asking if someone knows of another meter which would do that, or alternatively, a way to embed a counter in a link (I often see links out of websites that have their site name in the link and I've always assumed that was for counting purposes).

  4. I do believe that the function you want will be found only in javascript which we can't use and not in html. There are many threads that I have seen in the last few months on this. But all all the information I have found that may be useful to you is here in the FAQs blog
    We can use active meter and sitemeter non javascript versions. I'm not sure if we can use either statcounter meters or shiny stats.
    The alternative for those blogger that I know who have found this function and referrers to be important was to pick up a free copy of a wordpress blog from and self host or hire a webhost.
    This is a reference link to information on stats and counters that you may not have located yet

  5. I really don't want to go that far (getting my own host). I just want to know if people are clicking on my suggested reading. I wonder if tinyurl or some other link forwarding website keeps track of how many times they forwarded the link? That would work (although it would be a pain to set up the links everytime I wanted to add links to a post).

  6. Never used tinyurl myself but I don't recall it tracking stuff like that. At least I've never heard anyone mentioning such a thing.


    Can't really think of anything off the top of my head outside of stuff that's javascript based.

  7. Google Analytics would tell you which content your users are reading and which is the most popular - but again, it uses javascript code so you can only use it if you have your own hosted blog.

  8. Plus staff already uses it here to track the top100 blogs and Google won't allows two of the scripts occuring at the same time. (Although Urchin the creator of the software doesn't have that limit.)

  9. Don't you just love it when someone answers their own question. It only took 4 google searches before I found which does link forwarding with stats. It will be a bit cumbersome because you have to write down the password for each link and check them individually, but I only post 5-10 links a week, so I think it's manageable.

    Now if we could get the guys/gals to add out-clicks to the stats page, that would be even better.

  10. Probably won't happen. There's legal reasons involved which is one of the reasons why no personal information is taken when you created a blog here.

  11. It's OK to know where people clicked in from (referrers), but not OK to see where they clicked out to?

    I'm just curious about the "legal reasons." Or is there no way for them to separate click outs from "next site visited"? I certainly don't want to know if my readers are going to look at porn after reading my site. I just want to know if they are clicking on my recommended reading.

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