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out of memory error

  1. Hiya!

    When loading my blog or clicking on links in the sidebar I get a pop up error that says "out of memory at line:1". It then takes multiple clicks to get the link to open. This has been happening for over a week.

    Also- can anyone tell me how to get preview pictures to stop appearing when I hover over my links? This is irritating as it makes it difficult to click on the link. I couldn't locate an option to disable this within the link editing area.

    Thanks very much for any help!!

  2. Can't help on the first but on the second, go to Design>Extras and uncheck the box "Enable Snap Shots on this blog"

  3. Thanks Vivian- will that also disable that feature in my actual blog? I think it's handy for links within my posts, but I find it distracting an irritating within the sidebar-the links all have short descriptions that appear when you hover that I think is cleaner.

  4. Same error message here (out of mem line: 1) for a couple of weeks now. Not sure if this is wordpress or IE related.

  5. Have you done 'a cookie dance'? Clear up you cookies and cache, get out of browser, then initiate your browser again. Should you find the problem persists, I don't think I could do anymore help :-P

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  8. Staff are investigating. The error, not the stalker.

  9. I can't reproduce this on either blog. If it's still happening to anyone, please contact support with a link to the blog or page where it occurs.

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  12. I'm getting it too, but not just here in WordPress. I'm told on other forums it's a problem with an IE update for Vista that was accidentally sent to XP users. I have no way to substantiate this theory, but I do use Explorer and I do have XP. You'd think if it were an update issue, Microsoft would have sent a fixer-upper update by now. *shrugs*

  13. I'm also experiencing the same problem and cannot find anything on the net that will help with this problem. Even tried Microsoft support but couldn't find anything there!

  14. dissfunktional

    I received this as well today - using IE7

  15. dissfunktional

    ... using IE7 with Vista
    - haven't loaded any updates to Vista this week. (not using XP)
    (for the theory todaysmusings provided)

  16. Hello, I've tested my own blog and it seems related to de iexplorer, doesn't matter the version of Windows. With Vista and XP, and IE7 it appears a lot of times. With these operating sistems and Firefox 2.x or 3.x I haven't find errors.

    My blog is and you can test it, because I've got the error: out of memory in line 1.

  17. I'm seeing the same problem under IE7. Did the staff ever identify the problem or resolution?

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