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  1. I'm working on custom css for I've noticed that the 'tagged with' and 'by jsnx' links at the bottom of each post are outlined in black when I run the mouse over them. Further inspection with Firebug reveals that style is dynamically assigned to these elements. How do I fix that? I do not want black outlines on all my tags.

  2. it seems you fixed it, huh?

  3. It's still broken. Go to

    for example and look at the bottom where it says "filed under unix, security, linux". Put your cursor over unix, security or linux to get a big, black, unbidden box.

  4. Sorry but I don't see what you're seeing...

    I went to that page using:


    Shiira 2.2 (this one uses Safari's engine)
    Camino 1.5.1


    And I don't see such black box when hovering the links you told me to (I couldn't test it on Konqueror 3.5.2 because it gave me a timeout on server error). However, I'm assuming that since it uses the KHTML engine as safari does, most likely it'll look okay in it too.

    Finally, I could test your page in Konqueror and the black boxes won't come up either...

  5. Oh, now I know what it is. I've got a microformat toolbar enabled on Firefox and, lo and behold, it outlines tags, vCards and the like in black. So there's no problem after all.

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