Outlook 2007 Subscription Problem

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    Hi folks. Whenever someone who uses Outlook 2007 as their email reader subscribes to my blog via email, they are unable to click on either the “manage subscriptions” or “one-click unsubscribe” buttons within the notification emails they subsequently receive once I update my blog. Literally nothing happens when they’re clicked. Neither link can be copied and pasted manually into a browser either (no matter what you do, it will just copy the text “manage subscriptions” or “one-click unsubscribe” into the browser rather than the link. This problem does not occur via yahoo/gmail/other web email services.

    The problem can be ‘fixed’ by forwarding the post notification email to out of Outlook and to a webmail account and opening it via browser. However I’ll wager that the lion’s share of readers will use Outlook so it would be nice to figure out some way of fixing these links to work within that platform.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is transportationspotlight.wordpress.com.



    I think you ought to make Staff aware of this. If you haven’t done so will you please contact them? http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/



    You can find information about Outlook 2007 and disabling of links here:


    If you have difficulty clicking links then the URL at the bottom of each email will take you to a page where you can manage your subscriptions.


    I’ll contact staff as suggested by timethief. I don’t think this is a spam/phishing filter issue as there is no warning notice involved and all of the other links work, just not the ‘manage subscriptions’ or ‘one-click unsubscribe’ links…



    If you look up at the comment made prior to your own you will see that it’s displayed on a silver background which differentiates comments made by unpaid Moderators Staff from comments made by members. In other words “allnoodles” is Staff and he has replied to you.


    Oops…sorry about that. Well it’s in the pipeline either way now.



    LOL … I just thought I ought to let you know about “the sliver background username people”. FYI Trent and T3ck are unpaid Moderators. The rest with silver backgrounds behind their usernames are all wordpress.com Staff members.

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