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    Can someone please explain to me how and why another blogsite is posting many/most of the posts from my blog? I don’t really mind, and they’re not stealing credit, I just don’t understand how it happens that suddenly most of my blog (Dirty Laundry) is appearing on blogcatalog.com. Anyone?

    The blog I need help with is marcys.wordpress.com.


    Without a link to a sample of this, and to a post on your blog that this has happened to, we can’t really give you much advice.

    It could be a splogger site that is stealing your stuff so that people might click on ads on their splog and make them money or other things.

    The thing is though that the search engines do not like duplicate content on the web, and will reduce your page rank because of it. There is also the possibility that if it is a splog, that they might end up outranking you in search engines, and then you end up doing all the work and they end up getting all the benefit.

    We need links though to be able to help.


    You might want to take a look at this wordpress official blog about sploggers and stolen content: http://stolen.wordpress.com/ .



    Blogcatalog is a blog directory. As far a as I can see, your blog is registered on blogcatalog.com. Blogcatalog ‘publicizes’ the feeds and thus the posts of all blogs in its directory. They are not stealing anything, it’s like wordpress.com publicizing your posts, same thing. The blog ‘Dirty Laundry’ was added by a member ‘marcys’ on November 25th 2006: http://www.blogcatalog.com/blogs/dirty-laundry.html
    Would that happen to be you who did that?



    How embarrassing! I guess I did register myself way back when I started my blog. So, does anyone have an opinion as to the pros and cons of doing this?

    And husdal, thanks for your research efforts.

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