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Over 80 hours waiting for CNAME propagation. What next?

  1. I've waited 80 hours for CNAME to propagate but it still appears to be invalid.
    1. Added "CNAME" to Edit DNS box and saved.
    2. Waited 80 hours
    3. According to CNAME remains *
    What should I do next?
    Blog url:

  2. In addition, from STORE - DOMAINS when I click on "Add Email" I receive an error "Oops, it looks like you don't have access to verify the domain in question."

  3. Is this the blog you are talking about?

    It sounds like you may be talking about an externally hosted blog. doesn't have mail servers.

  4. Turns out the problem is in the naming convention. WordPress already assumes the domain, so you only need to add the subdomain. The correct Edit DNS entry should read:
    CNAME mail
    Here's to waiting for another 72 hours without email :(

  5. Is this the blog?

    These are the instructions for email on

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