Overcharging on renewals

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    Hey guys. Work with me a little bit here. You send me an e-mail saying I need to pay $99 to re-up the upgrade features on my site. I am fine with that. I know I bought upgrades when I opened the site, and I like my look and feel and want to continue it.

    So I click on YOUR link, pay the $99 and I get a popup window that says, “This blog is not subscribed to some of these products. Did you mean to purchase them?”

    So . . . why did you ask me to pay for features that I don’t need to pay for? And if your handy dandy software knows I am overpaying, why doesn’t it give me details and give me a clean and simply link to subscribe to what I DO need so I can pay for just that?

    I don’t mind paying for upgrades. I actually don’t mind all that much being overcharged. I think your sites are a good deal.

    But if your automatic stuff can tell me when you gave me bad info, why can’t your automatic stuff tell me what the right info is?

    Arthur Burk

    P.S. Now I am really miffed that you have direct support for your financial errors and I have to put my stuff out there for the whole world to review and hope someone happens to care enough to comment.

    I spent ten minutes going back and forth and could not find any normal contact us route. Just this.

    What’s up with that?
    Blog url: http://wwwllfa.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is wiallf.com.

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