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Overcoming tag cloud limitations

  1. Since I started using categories to sort my posts, the number of tags I use has grown exponentially. So much so that my tag cloud has become woefully inadequate. I seem to recall reading where someone suggested a way to overcome the tag cloud limitations using a text widget. I know I won't have the "cloud" appearance anymore, but at this point it would be way too large anyway. Maybe I should have used categories and tags the other way around, but I'm not sure that would have worked the same way and sorting that out now would be a monstrous chore.

    Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The category cloud widget gives you more options than the tag cloud widget. I found the tag cloud to be useless!

  3. So I've discovered. Can I use tags for sorting posts the way I've been using categories? If I use the category to tag and tag to category converters, will the tags I have associated with posts remain with those posts as categories and vice versa?

  4. "Category to tag and tag to category converters"? I don't think we've got both!

  5. If you select "category to tag converter" from the categories page, the new page provides both options. I've used both before, but I can't remember what happened to the associated posts. Must be early onset of "old-timers" disease. :-)

  6. Oh yes you're right (about "both", I mean, not about "disease")! I had never actually done any conversion, so I only remembered the "Categories can be selectively converted to tags using the category to tag converter" blurb... Thanks and sorry!

  7. Ta, when did that happen?

  8. Well, I guess it's on to more "healthy experimentation." He he! :-)

  9. @izaakmak

    Right, "healthy experimentation."
    I'm running out of energy here, but would like to know how it goes?

    You do have a "presence" on these forums, so keep it up. :-)

  10. Thanks! I really appreciate that. I just wish I could be as helpful to others as you guys have been to me. Other than suggesting that you peek at my blog from time to time (which would be shameless plugging of course ;-D), I'm not sure how to let you know how it goes. Is there a WP mechanism set up for that?

  11. Well that was much easier than I thought! :-? Anyone interested can take a look.

  12. @izaakmak

    You ask honest questions. and follow through with them. I appreciate that.
    Not sure I agree with your point of view, but we might could talk.

    There is no WP.COM mechanism for it.

  13. I wouldn't use tags to sort posts, but that's me! why would you when you have a nice category widget that gives you three options of display type, and you have already discovered the difference in the "cloud"widgets...I'm still not sure what the tags are good for? Can anyone tell me? I notice that some put a few per post some people use 50 tags per post.

    I just figured the categories are good for sorting and the tags are good for the search engines? I could be wrong?

  14. The best that I've been able to gather is that both categories and tags serve pretty much the same purpose - everywhere. Also, I've been told repeatedly that allowing the sum total of categories and tags for any one post to exceed 12 will prevent that post from getting onto these "lists" that are so useful in drawing attention to your blog. I don't really understand it, but I try to conform! ;-)

    My original ambition was to present my blog as a kind of book, with different sections for the different types of things I wanted to write about. I first tried the static "front cover" with "section" pages containing links to the posts for that section. But having to manually update the section pages each time I made a new post, and doing it again if I decided that a post fit better in a different section - not to mention the labor involved with making the section pages look good and including links to and from the section page and between the individual posts - Argh! I was spending more time on the mechanics than I was on my writing.

    The bottom line is that I switched to using categories to sort the sections onto a theme that provides excerpted post listings when a section is selected from the sidebar. I still wish, however, that some very smart people would get together to produce a combination of theme, widgets, etc. that would allow me to easily produce a good looking blog in the format I wanted in the first place. 8-D

  15. FYI offered a home-built tag cloud widget. It's not dynamic, and he hasn't updated in ages, but it doesn't have the limitations of the WP tag cloud widget.

  16. Thanks raincoaster, but I got the "unable to connect" error trying to load that page. Incorrect link? Site now defunct?

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