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Overlapping posts

  1. Hi, for no apparent reasons my current posts are coming up with some previous posts seemingly 'underneath' them ... What would be causing this as I need to fix it asap? Mine is the 'visual' theme. Kind Regards, Donna

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your blog is private - can't see what's going on.

  3. We have to set the blog up for a University assignment, so I have to keep it private until it's been marked. Do you have any ideas on what it could be?

  4. Your description is too vague. You can try to make it more accurate, perhaps in detailed comparison with the theme demo:
    Or you can temporarily switch to the middle private option (the blog will become accessible to the few of us that will see this thread, but it won't be indexed by search engines).

  5. Hi justpi,

    I just tried to give you access to try and help me but the email won't send to 'justpi' or your wordpresss address '' ... what am I doing wrong ...

  6. OK, I've temporarily changed it to the second privacy option, does that help ... Cheers, Donna

  7. Go to Settings > Reading, uncheck the option "Scroll Infinitely", scroll down and click Save Changes. This might correct part of the problem, or it will at least help me locate it (it's not easy with the current mess, and I've never seen this particular problem before - but then again Visual is a very new theme).

  8. You are fantastic !! Thank you ! That seems to have fixed it ... wonderful :)

  9. Just another quick question, is there some reason I wouldn't be able to add text above a photo gallery? Photo Gallery is a category under my Portfolio page and I just wanted to add some text above or below the galley, it seemingly didn't like it because all of my photos vanished. I removed the text and the photos returned. I then tried to post the message linking it to the 'photo gallery' category and it won't put it there?

  10. You're welcome.

    I'm not sure the problem is really fixed: what I suggested makes the post load in a different way, so it doesn't trigger what you were seeing before, but what you were seeing isn't supposed to happen, so whatever it is that caused the problem must still be lurking somewhere... If you wish, you can set the number of posts per page to less than 10 in Settings > Reading, so I can see what happens when you move from page 1 to page 2 of your posts.

    "Photo Gallery" isn't a category like the rest of the items of that dropown, it's a static page. Is that ok or should it really be a category? If you mean you want some text right above the images when you view this page:
    then no, there's no reason why you wouldn't be able to add it (other than a mistake of yours or a temporary glitch or a browser issue). You just go to Pages > All Pages, click the title of the page to edit it, make sure the cursor is at the left of the rectangle that represents the gallery, press enter to make room for the text, type text, click Update.
    Perhaps easier if you switch the editor to Text (=code): place the cursor before the opening bracket of the gallery shortcode, press enter once or twice, etc.

  11. By the way, your invitation arrived a couple of minutes ago.

  12. Sorry, I've been out all day. You're right, the problem is still there :( I changed it to 6 posts and as soon as you click on 'older posts' it starts again ... hope you can bring some wisdom to the issue :)

    You were right with the text on the photo gallery issue also, it must have been a browser glitch or something because I tried it again and it took a few seconds to come up but the text was there and then the photos appeared. That's fixed at least. Although I was sure I set the photo gallery up as a 'category'?

  13. Which invitation worked your name 'justpi' or wordpress address, because both came up with error messages. Just so I know when I officially invite people. Cheers

  14. @Donna:
    a) It's the username that worked. See instructions here:
    b) I checked the code of your posts and there was nothing wrong anywhere. Your setting the number of posts to 6 (which is different than the number of posts originally displayed) also helped me suspect that the issue is more general. I experimented in my tests blog and managed to replicate the issue, so congratulations, you discovered a bug or a shortcoming of the theme. I'll tag this thread so it gets moved to the Themes forum: there the WP theme team will see it and hopefully fix the issue.
    (You can turn the blog back to private: naturally WP staff can access your blog no matter what it's privacy status. Just don't change the settings, so they can see the issue live on your page.)

    Theme Visual. When none of the posts on the first page of posts has a featured image or a regular image, the second page of posts will load behind instead of below the posts of the first page. Visit this page and click "Older Posts" to see it happen:

  15. Many thanks! Lets hope they can rectify it. Thank you for your help.

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