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Overnight unexplained change of appearance

  1. I have "custom CSS". I had tailored my blog to look identical to my website. Until this morning, all was well. I had not changed the CSS in my blog for quite awhile. (Heck, I hadn't even posted for quite awhile.)

    Overnight, my WordPress blog changed appearance, as if a new theme had been installed. The appearance showed the "article" (blog entry) compressed into one third of the display space. A "nav" element appeared atop the "article" linking to a "Home" page. The "#secondary sidebar" at the bottom, with my widgets, compressed to a third of the display space at the right side. (I haven't gone into a Web-inspector sort of service to display the full CSS.)

    I tried to re-load my saved CSS, to no avail. Is it possible the theme has been updated or some other change to WordPress has been made? (If not, then I guess I must "View source" and rewrite my CSS from scratch...)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. And, surprise of surprises, the appearance changed back to the "old" (correct) appearance not fifteen minutes later. Flaky. I'll start working on a self-hosted site using, I reckon. And buy into's premium for redirecting traffic for awhile. So it goes...

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