Overwhelmed about getting started

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    I’d really like to start a blog — I have lots of things to say — but most of what I’ve seen here scares me to pieces. Widgets, META, RSS, PPP, getting verified by Google — just the technical stuff sounds like a full-time job. I just want to write interesting things on a nice-looking page and get some comments back from time to time. Can I really do this here? Thanks for any comments anyone might have.



    You seriously don’t need to worry about ANY of that. You can just click on your blog and start writing. When you want to do fancier things like post pictures or video or save it to publish later while you’re away, or whatever, you can read the FAQ at the top of the page and that will show you some more options.

    You do not need to do ANY of that stuff to start blogging. Seriously. Just type and hit Publish.


    I agree, I am totally new to this, started last week and it is really easy, just start with a couple of posts, then as you get used to WordPress try a few other things, maybe add some images etc’.

    Happy blogging!

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    Call me stupid, but I am trying to write a blog and I cannot go beyond seeing what advanced features ars available, but where the heck do I WRITE????



    Ahhh … I have just the thing for you. I’ll be right back.
    Here you go. This is a link to beginner resources. The first link listed inside will take you to tubetorials that demonstrate posting, editing, selecting themes https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=11280&page&replies=4

    To write a post -> Dashboard -> Write -> Write Post



    Remember that Google is your best friend. 90% of what I know about blogging and computers and html and codes is by Googling.

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