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own domain diffrence?

  1. Hey, i've just regastired my own domain from to
    is there anything else i can do with this other than a domain name or is that just it? if it is i feel like i've just wasted a couple of squids

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you are asking whether or not having a domain is beneficial, and if purchasing one from the get go is the best case scenario then the answer is "yes". The benefits are found here and here

  3. I'm guessing you cant have ur own ads on your own domain then?

  4. Not my own ads, Other ads like Google, Yahoo etc.

  5. I'm guessing you cant have ur own ads on your own domain then?

    It all depends on who hosts your domain. If you purchase a domain and have free host it then the same rules apply to your domain as are applied to all of those who have hosted blogs.

    If you choose to move the blog and hire a web host, and use software and plugins you can export the contents out of your blog and import them into your new blog, then you can have as much advertising as you wish on your blog.

    The two exceptions when it comes to hosting blogs are those in the VIP hosting program, and those who have over 50K page views per month, appropriate content content for Google Adsense and who apply and are accepted into the Ad Control program.

  6. Oh ok, i'm making over 15l per month now, guess thats not enough :(

  7. Nope that 50K page views per month is a qualifier but, don't feel bad as there are probably hundreds of thousands of us blogger who don't qualify.

    If being able to run ads is a deal breaker for you then you can hire a web host and export/import the contents from your blog to a install. However, as your traffic is so low that doing that will not even result in ad income that pays for the web hosting.

  8. Each upgrade at applies ONLY to exactly what it says. The CSS upgrade doesn't allow you to upload flash, the domain upgrade doesn't allow you to use a custom theme, etc, etc.

  9. Ok, thanks guys

  10. You're welcome. :)

  11. Personally I have reservations about self-hosting and when I registered my first blog with on Nov 2, 2006 I had made up my mind that I was going with for the long term. I knew I would put in a lot of hard work and sweat not forgetting to mention countless late nights rushing photographic deadlines etc. The one predominate fear I have is losing all the years of work if my blog was self-hosted.

    Let's face it, life is short and one reason I blog is to leave a legacy of my work for my children to discover when they grow up. They're now too young to be interested in their dad's journeys and someday when they're researching for school work on the web, they may stumble upon my work via Google search and that'd be a interesting way to discover what they didn't know about me.

    I have no one to succeed me when I'm gone and I'm the only one who handles the entire workflow including payment of hosting fees etc—the last thing I want happen is web host deleting all the hard work because they stopped receiving payment from me. I actually stopped to think about this instead of shopping for a hosting provider. The only files that are presently linked from WordPress blog are the external galleries which I have no found a free platform to park them. I guess at the blog posts will stay with some bad links.

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