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Own form responses to custom email address

  1. When creating a form I was wondering if it is possible to have comments/questions asked being mailed to an external email address - and not within the WordPress environment (and looking it up from there).

    Is this possible? And how do I set this up?

  2. The contact form ALWAYS sends the info to the email associated with the blog. The only way to do it differently is to use an external form, like a Google Doc, and link to it from your blog.

  3. Edit the Contact Form - one of the options is Email Address (right hand tab on the edit Form) - you can add email addresses there to over ride the default - I have the contact form sent to two email addresses for one of the forms - I had to put in two email addresses -

  4. It IS? Thanks for the update; that's not something I remembered.

  5. The change was this spring I think - I used it on a Form in April - the default is as always to the blog owner - but when you start editing the form a second tab shows up at the top and you can add email addresses.

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