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    Hello. I have a question regard the image upload thing.. Before they fixed it to the better I could get the image to an own site where al my friends could comment it and then they could click on it and get a larger image. Why can’t I do that anymore? I don’t want to get comments on the site where al my images is, I want to have an own site for each image after you have clicked on one where al the photos are. Is it not possible to do that anymore?



    I’m not sure I understand your question. You want to put one image on your blog for people to comment on? And you want it in a thumbnail, where the image is small but when clicked on, it gets large?

    Choose THUMBNAIL and LINK TO FILE to create a thumbnail small clickable image that opens to a large one.

    As for the rest, nothing has changed. And I don’t understand why you want separate sites for people to comment on images at a separate site. I think you mean “web pages”. I think you would want them to comment on the page where the image is found.

    If this isn’t the right answer, please clarify your question and we’ll do better. Thanks.



    rhann – or Thumbnail / Link to Page…





    The thing is that I want all the pictures on the same page. And if I would like to look at one picture and comment it I can click on it and get the picture on an own web page (or what u call it). It looks the same as the side where all the photos where but its just one photo. If I want to take a closer look at it I can click on it again.

    The other thing is that I cant choose thumbnail.. I can only choose “Link to” –> File, Page, None.



    I’m not clear what you mean either but I’m going to try and help you. When a reader clicks on the thumbnail on your blog they get the large size picture. Is this what you are wanting to do?
    If so first you need to register an account with an off-line third party image host like flickr or photobucket (accounts are free). There is where the large size pictures/photos will be hosted.
    Second on your blog you will create thumbnail sizes of the same pictures and link them to the hosted pictures.
    If so then here are instructions for uploading pictures here http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/07/16/how-do-i-upload-pictures/



    Ok, I will try again to explain what I want: P
    I want a side full of little pictures (I think u call that thumbnails). If I want to look at a picture and comment it I can just click on one and it will come up in an own page. And when u click on the picture again it will show larger in another page. (I have done this before. )

    And I will say it again, I cant choose thumbnail.. its only “file, page, none” that I can choose.




    I understand what you want but what is the problem then. Make a page for every photo and put all the little pictures (thumbnails) on a page to. Then you link the thumbnail to the page where the large picture is located.
    But I don’t use picture upload from wordpress. I go to flickr. That the photo upload makes own pages for each photo. That’s what i don’t know, but I’m going to try that out.

    It can still be done.
    Go to menage>uploads> choose you photo and click on it.
    Then you got 3 links view links chancel
    Choose links
    copy the last own to you page and try it out.
    /edit done



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