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Ownership of a Website

  1. Before I ask my question you need to know some background history

    I am not the creator of the Blog I am posting about... the TRUE owner invited me and made me an Admin, and then a few weeks later he removed himself (so he is NO longer part of the Users & Authors page)

    Now, I just invited a new guy but made him editor, but he wants to be an Admin.

    I am worried though that if I make him an admin he can remove me from the website... can he do this?

    Can Admins remove Other Admins?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Probably.

    Keep him as an Editor.

  3. I really need him an Admin to do some important work, is there any way I can make myself the permanent owner even though I did not create the blog? I do not want to be at risk of losing this blog.

  4. He will have the same power as you. He can delete your posts, delete comments, throw you out of your blog. The choice is yours but we cannot help because you have made the decision and have to take the consequences.

    It can't be that important surely?

  5. Ok i'll keep him at editor. He just wants to be able to change the side-bars and what not.. but thanks for your help Mark!

    This thread is closed now I suppose

  6. There should be a user setting such as OWNER that would prevent you from being deleted. This way you could give a 3rd party developer rights to do coding on your blog and not have to worry about having your login account deleted.Does such a "right" exist?

  7. Yes, the creator of a blog cannot ever be deleted except with assistance from staff.

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