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Ownership of domain names

  1. Hi,

    I am considering buying a domain name (maybe

    If I go for the Domain name registration + domain mapping costs $14.97 per year, per domain. And get one, will I then own the domain name.

    Will I own it in the sense of - should I wish to leave wordpress could I take my domain name with me elsewhere?

    Thank you.

    Joshua Genner

  2. Yes, you can take it with you elsewhere, but you'll have to renew the purchase of it with every year.

  3. If you register a domain name through, you own it. has no control over it, and you can take it elsewhere at any time.

    Buying domain mapping and registration together is good value, and it's by far the easiest way to get started.

  4. @raincoaster you can transfer the domain to another registrar if you'd rather renew it with someone else instead of

  5. Ah, I didn't know that. I thought you had to let it lapse and try to pick it up in time. Thanks

  6. Thank you very kindly for your informative, speedy response.

  7. Thank you very much for your informative, thorough and fast response.

  8. Is it possible to move your blog to so that you can upload custom themes and plugins?

    As I understand it, if your blog is on, then you're stuck with only the built-in themes and plugins ...

    I'm just nervous because I registered my domain through not even realizing there was a difference between the .com and .org and now worried I'm stuck with it for the next year.

    @tellyworth says "If you register a domain name through, you own it. has no control over it, and you can take it elsewhere at any time."


  9. You cannot move "a blog". You can move "blog contents".

    The process goes like this. Purchase a domain and domain mapping. hire a webhost, install software, install a theme, and install plugins.
    After that you export your blog contents and links out of the blog and import it into the new blog.

    more links coming ...

  10. Thanks, so much! You have saved me much tears & hassle.

    Bless you.

    Oh, one more question. Sorry if it's stupid -- I take it the domain name I purchased for is unchangeable until it expires? It's OK ... I didn't really like it that much anyway...

  11. You can buy as many other ones as you want, but you may require staff intervention to add them to blogs that already have the domain upgrade.

  12. Okay, quick (probably already answered) question.

    If I purchased the domain name through, where do I change the DNS servers to point to my own host if I have decided to upgrade to

    Also, I can not seem to locate the link/page to transfer the registration to another registrar. Any help would be appreciated.

  13. lawbusinesstips,
    It's all there in the Support docs:

    Here's how to change name servers
    Here's how to transfer to another registrar

  14. And it's really easy. I did it yesterday and it was the easiest part of the entire Get A New Site operation. Theme hacking, UGH. Changing every single post on the new blog by hand, UGH.

  15. Thanks for the excellent and fast response. I really appreciate you. That was exactly what I was looking for.

  16. Can't find this in the support docs:

    If I already have as my blog address, and then purchase from WordPress as an address for that blog, is my blog then accessible via both addresses?

    Related question: If I have 2 WordPress blogs, and purchase a domain name via WordPress, can I switch the blog that's connected to the address? Or should I make sure I get it right the first time?


  17. Yes, both addresses will work.

    Yes, you can switch the blog that's connected to the address. Instructions are linked in this thread, so scroll up.

  18. Thanks, raincoaster!

  19. Glad I searched and found this post

    Ok instead of creating my own post regarding this, figure i'de just ask in here
    A friend of mines started this blog, I mostly operated it and he does'nt really have a clue about whats what or goes where, he got the domain name from here on WP, we both currently want to move the domain name, but after calling Lunarpages they said it was registered with wildwestdomains which has it locked.

    How does he go about getting it unlocked? also he has a hosting account with our domain name with lunarpages is there any penalties, surcharges...ect for moving or transfering?? How are we to know what was purchased already threw here? there is no list of items [bought] just shows prices of the upgrades in that section lastly is domain mapping required to move it or not....i'm not sure what he purchased with the domain name

    sorry for all the extra questions, just started out, dont want to get t confused (more than I already am) and want to get it done smoothly as possible

  20. Quick correction: you can buy as many domains as you want, and you do not have to get staff support to add more than one domain to a blog. You can just buy new ones on the Upgrades > Domains page in the blog to add as many as you like. You can only set one primary domain per blog though. The rest will redirect to whatever is set as the primary domain.

  21. @webmistress27 You can see what domains you have purchased by logging in to your account and going to the Upgrades > Domains page for each blog. There is no penalty for moving a domain name, however, there is usually a transfer cost charged by the new registrar.

    Also check out these tips about moving to in our support documentation.

  22. Hi there,

    I am a bit confused here.

    from raincoaster "Yes, you can take it with you elsewhere, but you'll have to renew the purchase of it with every year."

    does the renew of purchase include the cost of domain mapping or it is only the US$4.99 domain fee?

    Thank you so much .

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