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    Hi guys,

    I recently started using the oxygen theme, and I’ll probably decide to keep using it. I’ve managed to use the showcase page and and the black sidebar section so many users seem to have problems with.
    So far, so good.

    Unfortunately I have no post that appear under the ‘more articles’title.
    I’ve read some posts here stating you have to change the location from primary to secundary. But I haven’t been able to find any such option in the dasboard area anywhere.
    I’m hoping someone can help me out. Probably a print screen will do the trick.

    Thanks in advance, I’ve tried to sort this issue reading the support pages and forum, but couldn’t come up with any answer thusfar.

    The blog I need help with is jrnys.wordpress.com.



    You have no posts in the “more articles” section because you haven’t published enough posts yet.



    Really, that’s it?

    Thanks for answering btw, so there is no location where you can prioritise posts?
    And is there a way to find out when recent posts become -not recent- meaning they’ll go the the more articles category? is it time based or based on the amount of posts made?



    Yes that’s it. The slider displays up to six sticky posts. The “recent articles” section displays your latest three (non-sticky) posts. The “more articles” section displays the rest of your recent posts; the number of posts it displays is set in Settings > Reading.



    I have tried making a WP 33 times so far. This is my 34rth time. I have 34 Emails so far, and can’t even get the themes to work right on my page. I hope WP servers gets hacked so bad they never come back up. Something as bad as WP don’t even need to be online. Hope that wp gets hit with a DDoS attack flood so hard, that it’s going to cost them more $ than what it’s worth !



    Hi Justpi, thanks a lot, knowing this, Oxygen seems to be the right choice.
    Kisser 33, maybe you should try this one for the 35th time, worked like a charm for me.

    have a good day!



    Hi all. I had the same question so thank you as it has answered what I wanted to know.

    It has raised one more question though…

    In Settings > Reading, where I can set the number of posts that can be displayed, if I have that set to 10, does that mean it will only ever show 1 in ‘more articles’? i.e. x6 on the slider, x3 in recent articles and then x1 in more articles?

    Or does it only refer to the number of posts that appear in recent articles and more articles?




    ? I have already answered that.
    Slider: up to 6 posts.
    Recent articles: 3 posts.
    More articles (quoting from my previous reply): “the number of posts it displays is set in Settings > Reading.”

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