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    I’ve gone ahead and added a page that is set to the Showcase Page template and it’s showing my most recent post in the Featured slider just fine. But when I add another post as sticky (image is WELL over 750px) it doesn’t add it to the slider. I added the most recent six posts as sticky, none of them showed in the slider. I’ve un-stickied EVERY post on my blog and it still showcases the newest post only.

    What am I doing wrong, because it’s definitely me.

    The blog I need help with is thenerdsmen.wordpress.com.


    UPDATE: I’ve unstickied every post, so what you see is with zero posts stickied.



    Hi @mikeuptonthegeek!

    It looks like there was some caching taking place that was preventing the updates from appearing – so it wasn’t you!

    I manually cleared the cache, so you should be good to go now, as soon as I did that the lingering post disappeared.

    After that I set all five posts as “Sticky” (you mentioned using six before) and they appeared in the slider. I then un-and-re-stickied a post and it refreshed correctly each time.

    Let us know if you run into any more issues!


    You’re the man. Thank you.


    Additional question, any means of showing each post’s Featured Image when you open the actual post? I love my Featured Images, but without them at the top of the post it seems kind of boring.



    Hey Mike!

    Oxygen isn’t built to display Featured Images on the posts themselves.

    You could add the image into your post at the top, an addition to using it as a Featured Image.

    Oxygen uses excerpts on the front page, so there shouldn’t be any duplication :)


    Ok, last question, I swear. I just added a new post, stickied it, and it’s not showing up in the slider again. You said it was a caching issue before. Is there a way for me to clear the cache rather than having someone else do it?


    Ok, last question, I swear. I just added a new post, stickied it, and it’s not showing up in the slider again. You said it was a caching issue before. Is there a way for me to clear the cache rather than having someone else do it?



    Is it the Fidelity Investments post? If so, I see it in the slider when I pull up the site! Yay!

    The cache will clear on it’s own – it should happen right away but there can (occasionally ) be a small delay :)


    Ah. Ok, that makes sense. And yes, it was the Fidelity Investments post (and now one about the Nintendo Switch) Guess patience really is a virtue, huh?

    Thanks again!



    Any time! :)



    I am having issues with trying to get my newest post to show up on the Featured Slider. The photo is over 750pix wide, and I even tried to insert another photo that works for one of my other featured images, but I still can’t get it to show up. Can you please help?





    Is your newest post marked sticky?



    I had it marked as sticky, but it wasn’t showing up in the Featured Slider, an that also made it disappear from my recent articles as well, so I unmarked it as sticky until I can get help figuring out why it won’t show up.



    Thanks. Please wait for staff to respond again. You may subscribe to the topic in the sidebar.




    I’d be happy to take a look – do you mind marking it as sticky and letting me know so I can check it out? :)



    Thanks Chad,

    I have 2 posts that are not showing up in the featured slider now… both are set to sticky, but don’t show up. You can see them in my news feed, one is for a 20% of deal we are doing, and the other is for our online booking.

    Both set to sticky, both have pictures over 750pix wide. Let me know what you come up with, this is a problem I have had in the past as well.




    Hi @yorestudio

    If you reload your page, can you see the posts? They were both there when I loaded the page, so I suspect it was a caching delay, similar to what @mikeuptonthegeek experienced :)



    Hi, I am having the exact same issue. Only one post showing in slider. How do I clear the cache? This has been a few hours since I first worked on our school homepage and I’m now on a different computer.



    Hi @maitchison!

    It looks like your cache has cleared since posting your message, and I’m now seeing all six of your sticky posts in your slider :)

    I did a little additional searching since this thread is still going – it looks like the caching issue on Oxygen may be limited to the newer editor – the developers are aware of that and already looking into the root cause.

    If you have a post that’s being marked in the slider, you should be able to get it to appear right away by following these steps to use the original editor:

    1. Visit the front page of your site
    2. In the address bar, add /wp-admin to the end of your address. Visit that page
    3. In the dashboard that appears, select posts
    4. Use this screen to edit the post in the wp-admin editor.
    5. In wp-admin, mark the post as Sticky and update/publish it.

    If you/anyone else is seeing a delay on Oxygen and you try these steps, let me know how they work! :)

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